The PRP Plasmogel Method

A method of regenerative medicine and an innovative way of treating various pathologies.

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The Plasmogel PRP Treatment (“The Vaginal Vampire Therapy)" it is recommended if you want to:

  • Enhancement of orgasm - injection of the clitoris or G-spot
  • Treatment of pain in sexual contact and improvement of intimate relationship and genital sensitivity
  • Treatment of scars, for example after natural birth or after cesarean section
  • Recurrent disorders of the vaginal flora, for example candidiasis, which recur after treatment
  • Labial augmentation
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy - dryness or itching (pruritus) in menopause
  • Helps in the treatment of low-grade urinary incontinence, urinary pain and recurrent cystitis (painful, frequent urination)
  • Treatment of vulvo-vaginal lichen
  • Treatment of cervical ectopia
  • Improving endometrial quality and increasing pregnancy rate (improving spontaneous or IVF fertility)