The PRP Plasmogel Method

A method of regenerative medicine and an innovative way of treating various pathologies.

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Advantages of the Plasmogel method in trichology:

It is one of the most effective, safe and universal methods by which patients can regain the shine, density, beauty and natural health of the hair.

It works great not only separately, but also in combination with other procedures

It has a minimum of contraindications, and most of them are extremely rare

The technology is very simple for doctors, while being well tolerated by patients

Effects of the procedure in Trichology:

  • Reducing hair loss.
  • Regeneration of hair follicles.
  • Normalization of sebaceous gland function.
  • Removing dandruff and reducing hair splitting.
  • Restoring the elasticity, shine and thickness of the hair.
  • Increasing the diameter and density of hair.
  • Restores hair structure.